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MEDIATION is a conflict resolution process in which a neutral third-party, the mediator, helps the parties reach a settlement.

ARBITRATION is a conflict resolution process in which a neutral third-party, the arbitrator, individually or along with other arbitrators, renders a decision on the dispute.

APPRAISAL is a conflict resolution process in which a neutral third-party, the umpire, along with the parties’ appraisers, reach a valuation of the insured loss.

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Mark Shelton Professional Association was originally formed as a corporation to provide legal services out of the Northfork Professional Center in Lutz, a growing area located just north of Tampa, Florida. Although Mr. Shelton is the only Lawyer, Mediator, Arbitrator and Umpire employee of the corporation, its legal assistants have offices equipped with a modern network of computers, high-speed internet access and sophisticated case management, on-line legal research, information gathering and Alternative Dispute Resolution scheduling software. A conference room is supplemented with video equipment and free wi-fi is available for all.

After R. “Mark” Shelton earned his Florida Board Certification as a Civil Trial Lawyer thirty (30) years ago, he realized his clients still preferred to resolve their claims without a full dress, arm’s length, adversarial proceeding. Since he first became a Florida Supreme Court Certified Circuit-Civil Mediator and approved Arbitrator, and now that he is also a Florida Supreme Court Certified Appellate and Family Mediator, and while he still prosecutes and defends civil lawsuits, a significant portion of Mr. Shelton’s practice is devoted to the resolution of civil claims and lawsuits through Mediation, Arbitration and Appraisal. Mark also became a Florida Windstorm Insurance Network Certified Umpire years ago and he is a member of the Florida Circuit-Civil Mediators Society and the National Academy of Distinguished Neutrals.

Since its offices are centrally located thirty (30) minutes from the courthouse in Tampa, forty (40) minutes from the courthouse in Brooksville, twenty-five (25) minutes from the courthouse in New Port Richey, forty-five (45) minutes from the courthouses in Dade City and St. Petersburg and sixty (60) minutes from the courthouses in Clearwater and Inverness, the firm handles legal matters in Citrus, Hernando, Hillsborough, Pasco and Pinellas Counties. Alternate Dispute Resolution matters are also handled in those counties, as well as in Polk and Manatee Counties.

“The obligation of our profession is… to serve as healers of human conflicts.”
                                                                                                                                                 Chief Justice Warren Burger

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